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Default Need help/advice about LHR

Hi, I am a seventeen year old guy who is very hairy. I am uncomfortable with the amount of hair on my arms and legs. Would laser treatment be an option for me? I don't really want all the hair gone, just making the hairs less numerous, lighter, and thinner. My skin is probably a 4/10 where 1 is very white and 10 is very dark. My hair is black (Which makes it all the more noticeable). I was also wondering if I have to shave the area of treatment before getting it done, because I don't want shiny smooth legs or anything like that. Just a regular amount of hair
Thank you, Benji
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Unfortunately you will have to shave the areas you want treated as the longer hair will dissipate the laser energy making it ineffective.
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With each laser treatment, only a certain percentage of hairs are treated and shed after. This is because hair grow in different cycles and only when the hair is in one particular cycle does the treatment work. Every hair can be in a different cycle at any time so after your first session or two, you will definitely see some hairs disappear, the only thing is that it may be completely random and you may lose more in some area than the other.
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