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Default Attention Men - Laser Hair Removal [must read]

Confessions of a Guy Finishing 1 year of Laser Hair Removal Treatments

The following is the honest truth.
I hope you take the time to read all of this carefully.
I have been doing laser treatments for a year now - once every 6 weeks or so - divided into two sessions - one for lower body and one for upper body.
I am on a plan that basically covers the whole body except the genital area, the armpits, and the head - the contract basically says I can
keep going until I am satisfied with the results. (within reason of course)
I am nearing 40, I have medium to low hair coverage, and medium darkness of hair.
And now I want all the guys out there to listen VERY CAREFULLY!
1) FACE & NECK treatment:

a) They may not explain this to you, and if they do, you may not be listening clearly.
The moment you have your first treatment - you now have a face/neck with uneven hair growth!
Because that's how new hair grows back in.
Which means you will now have to shave religiously in order to try to hide this fact.
And you will have to continue to do so until you have fully completed treatments (*see b.)
b) The face and upper neck area is extremely painful! Forget everything you have been told or
read about. Trust me on this guys. I have a high threshold for pain. The nerves/sensitivity/density in these
areas is such that it feels like they are burning into your body. It feels like torture. You can breath, yell, cry,
meditate, drink, toke, use creams (I don't suggest this btw, it can have complications)
I don't care what you do - there is no getting around this sharp burning pain and you will come to dread these
Not only that, but this area always requires even more treatments than most other areas of the body.
So if you don't have the plan I have, you will definitely be needing to pay for more treatments if you want
to get to a point where you are even remotely satisfied with the results.
I have been doing this monthly for a year now - and I have plenty of patchy uneven growth left - that even
with daily close shaving is definitely noticeable to people if they know you and are paying attention.
And I have no idea how many more treatments it might take to get to a point where there is an even
diminished look on the face and neck.
I am guessing that my friendly clinic is going to start pressuring me to accept the way things are in about
6 more treatments (6 months) or so.
So I have been locked into this torture out of necessity now for a year, and will most likely have to continue
for another year or so (possibly paying even more than I already have for this all-inclusive package)
c) On all other parts of the body:
Compared to the face and upper neck, everything is tolerable as far as pain factor.
But I am one year in now and I still have plenty of uneven growth on all areas.
The hair is a bit lighter, and there is less density, but it's nowhere close to a point where I would want
to stop and feel satisfied with it as is.
And keep in mind, I was not a hairy guy to begin with, and the hair was not very dark either.
Honestly, I am probably the least hairy of all the guys that I know (that is the honest truth)
So I am one year in and I could easily need another year (ie. 12 sessions) to hopefully get to a point
where it looks even enough and diminished enough to have made this whole process worth it.
And again, I think they will start to pressure me in 6 months or so to accept things as they are (or pay more)
d) Every time you go in, you have to do a careful and time-consuming shave of the entire area.
If you are just doing back or just legs or just face/neck, it's not a big deal.
But for me it is time consuming and a pain in the ass (sometimes literally) to do the entire lower and upper
half of the body.
d) Do you live in a sunny place? Do you like to suntan?:
Then guess what, they don't suggest laser treatment on the areas that you are tanning and/or that are regularly
in the sun.
I live in the east coast where there is long winter - so I can do treatments of everything from around August to
early April.
But then they either suggest you take a break or they will do low intensity treatment on the tanned areas and higher
intensity on the untanned areas - but this only adds to the time it will take to get to a point where you are satisfied
with your results!
Did they explain this factor to you clearly?
So there you go.
This is the real deal guys (and gals - but your situation can be different because you tend to have less and lighter hair and less regrowth etc)
Don't let them tell you otherwise.
I am your guinea pig.
I am your average guy after 1 year of monthly treatments. (actually they suggest every 6 weeks to really allow any new hair
to grow back in so that the maximum amount can be zapped)
So please please think twice before you let them start on you.
Because MOMENT they do, you are in it for as long as it takes, as much pain as it takes, as much money as it takes,
to get the job done.
Or you will give up, which happens all the time, and you will be left with uneven hair growth which I think looks worse than
more dense but even hair growth - and you will have wasted whatever time and money and pain up to that point of quitting.

So please read this very carefully, and think very carefully if it is worth it for you.
I am going to continue as long as possible with this clinic.
And I'm hoping I can get to a point, on all of the parts, that it feels like it was worth it to go through so much.
I will report back here in 6 months and 1 year time.
I hope this helps you - one way or another.
ps. I'm not going to include all kinds of photos here.
I'm assuming at this point, if you have read the whole thing. you know that I am an honest guy and I am telling you the truth.
And don't only take my word for it.
Ask around, do you research, and you will see the reality of it.
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