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Default ok ladies I have a slight problem

So there is a female co-worker that we have been work partners for about 1.5 years. Over that time I have gotten to really like her and haven't had to much guts to ask her on a date or talk about it.

Sometime in February I found out she is dating some one. I understand that I should have asked sooner but it is my loss no one else. I know some of you are gonna say stay away but here me out.

Trying to figure things out I have come up with a few options to deal with this situation.
1. Wait and see what happens with them 2 and then if things go south be there for support and taken it from there.
2. Get in touch with one of her friends who I have also worked with in the past and just happened to turned out that way. I would basically ask to tell me if they break up
3. Since she has to go to training in the fall and wont be back till Christmas I was thinking of maybe asking her if I had any chance to date her now or in the future. I am thinking after her training as not to confuse her and make her fail.
4 probably won't do this but just get it over with, this would make it awkward for both of us.

Now just from what I have learned I know of this that may be in my advantage.
- long distance relationship about an hour away
- has not had a BF for more than 2 years, this is a little scary.
- there seems to be a lot of things he likes that she does not.
I do not intend on interfering with the relationship as it is not me plus it may kill any chance of us getting together.

another thing is by the time she gets back we both may not be working for the same company as both her and I are getting fed up with the company .

It has been bugging me for about 8 months about asking her out but like I said no guts plus I just wanted to make sure it wasn't happening cause we work together. I may still be that but I hope not.
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