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Default 15 Things all women should know

I found this while searching online. Its 15 beauty tips every woman should know. Hope you girls enjoy it

1. Concealer is a girlís best friend. Ever wonder how some women just look refreshed and ready to face the day, without a stitch of makeup on? The key to great looking skin without looking made up is concealer. Not only does it get rid of dark circles in a jiffy, it also helps to make the eyes appear brighter and more awake. Also, try applying some to the eyelids, which can also be dark and uneven in color. The other, more obvious use for it is to cover up that pimple or blemish, but you can also apply some concealer around the mouth and in frown lines to decrease their appearance. Since youíre only applying product to areas that need it, your face doesnít look like youíve spackled your makeup on, but you still look put together.

2. Donít skip curling your lashes. Most people arenít born with naturally full, lush lashes, but you donít necessarily need to wear mascara all the time. Taking one minute out of your day to use a lash curler will help your eyes look more open and alert. Although a lash curler may look like some torture device to some, it makes a huge difference in the way your eyes look, though it does take practice. Place the curler as close to your eyelid as you can get (without hurting yourself, of course) and gently clamp down. Hold for five seconds and release. Remember, you donít want crimped lashes, so donít press down too hard or hold it for too long. The lashes should curve up, not at an angle. If you want, you can follow with a coat of mascara if you have time.

3. Always keep Chapstick or lip balm handy. With cold weather approaching, lips will need to be protected and moisturized. Always apply a lip balm before you go to bed for soft and supple lips in the morning. Also, before you reapply your lipstick throughout the day, apply a light layer of balm, and then blot with a tissue. That will remove any excess so that your lipstick will still adhere without a lot of slippage. Also keep in mind that ChapStick can do double duty as a cuticle cream.

4. Dryer sheets arenít just for laundry. If youíre prone to flyaway or static hair, rub a dryer sheet on your tresses to keep your strands laying flat. It will also leave a nice soft scent behind as well! Also, if youíve been out to a restaurant and left with the smell of fried food in your clothing, you can give your self a pat down with a sheet to minimize the odor.

5. Nude or clear nail polish is a must for girls on the go. If you donít have the time or energy to visit the nail salon on a weekly basis, opt for a lighter color nail polish next time you get a manicure. If the color chips, it will be less noticeable than a dark or brighter color. If you go for clear polish (which always looks neat and clean), you can probably get away with going to the salon every two weeks.

6. Mom was right: You must wash your face every night! Daily skin care will help to improve the skinís appearance and texture. If youíre too tired (or in my case, too lazy) to get to the sink, invest in makeup remover wipes, which you can keep on your nightstand. You donít even need water -- just pull one out, wipe your face down, throw the towelette away and call it a night.

7. You donít need to wash your hair every day. Unless your scalp or hair is extremely oily, most stylists will tell you to wash your hair every other day or every two days. It is not only a great time saver, but also better for your hair. Daily shampooing can strip your hair and scalp of naturally produced oils, which help to condition the follicles.

8. Wash your makeup brushes. Over time, the buildup of oils and product can lead to the growth of bacteria in your makeup brushes. If youíve recently experienced a breakout that you canít attribute to hormonal changes or any other reason, the cause may be hiding in your powder brush. You should clean your brushes at least one a month, if not every other week. Use a gentle soap or baby shampoo to deep clean your brushes and let them air-dry overnight.

9. Milk does a body good, but water does a body great. Everyone knows you should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, but do you know how much that really is? For instance, if you wake up at 7 a.m. and go to bed at 11 p.m., you need to drink about a glass of water every two hours during your waking time. Drinking enough water not only helps improve your health, but your skin as well.

10. Take inventory of your makeup case annually. By going though all of your makeup, you can toss out whatís old, expired, unnecessary or unused and pare down your stash. This will help you save time when youíre getting ready in the morning, and help you focus on what you need next time youíre at the makeup counter. Remember, liquid and cream cosmetics usually have a shelf life up to a year, so if you have any lipsticks you havenít worn in the last six months, toss them.

11. Find a great hairstylist and stick with Ďem. Developing a relationship with the person who cuts or colors your hair is important. Your stylist is like your hair doctor -- over time, they will understand your hair preferences and needs, and theyíll be able cater to your style. If you are thinking about a big change, wouldnít you feel better going to someone you know (and who knows you) rather than a stranger? By establishing a rapport with your stylist, you will minimize the chance of walking out of the salon in tears.

12. Layer fragrances to make them last longer. If your favorite perfume fades on you within a few hours, the best way to maximize fragrance is to layer it. Using a scented body wash and/or lotion along with a perfume will help to enhance and strengthen the scent -- so as one fades, the other remains somewhat potent.

13. For full, voluminous hair, invest in Velcro rollers. Large, 2-inch rollers help add volume without curl. If your hair is straight, just give freshly shampooed hair a quick blow dry on high for 5 minutes until it is about 80-percent dry. Section the top pieces into 3 or 4 parts and wrap 2-inch pieces around the roller. Blast each section with heat for about 30 seconds and let cool for 5 minutes. When you take the rollers out, either shake the pieces out or brush into your natural style. You can also do this on already dry hair. The key to this is just focusing on the top parts, which you can mist with a little water, and follow the directions above.

14. Everyone can use a little eye cream. Women in their 20s can use a lightweight eye cream or gel as a preventive measure. The extra hydration will keep wrinkles at bay. For women 40 and older (or those with extra dry skin), you can use a more emollient texture, maybe even switching one for night and one for day. The moisture will help to fill in fine lines and improve the appearance of the skin surrounding the eye.

15. A little blush never hurt anybody. Bronzer is nice, but in the middle of fall or winter, it can look a little fake. Lost your tan? Embrace your natural skin tone with a flush of color. Look for a shade in the pinkish family. If youíre fair, pick a light or pale pink. For deeper skin tones, choose one with red in it for a great ďjust-came-in-from-the-coldĒ cheek. This look not only is fresh and trendy, but also works all year round.
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Most of them things are about make up which are no good to me as I don't wear make up unless I go out which isn't very often
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Great tips. Thanks for posting. I'm going to try a few of those tonight.
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Thanks for the tips..Eye cream is something that I have started using lately. An older woman I work with says she would have started using it when she was younger. I have had the same hairstylist for 4 years and I couldn't be happier.
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Default Hi...

Great tips. Thanks for posting. I'm going to try a few of those later.

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Thanks for sharing these tips. I already tried some of these, and it works well for me.
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Superbly have done you dear I always remember your efforts and you know I just knew about 8 great tips which you have mentioned 1st four and last 3 and number 7 but now I know all of 15 great tips for caring so thank you
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Very good.
This is very good information about women,s issues due to these issues many women were confuse and want to know about that so, your given information gave many answers of their confusing answers. Many girls should act upon this suggestions...

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