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Unread 06-26-2010, 11:22 AM   #1
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Default One Treatment & Miserable - cant shave :(

I have pcos and extreme hair growth in many areas, the most problematic being face and neck. I usually shave every couple of days and stay in on the days I dont shave. I had laser treatment several years ago and after first treatment half the hair was gone, no pain afterwards, skin fine etc within a few days and I was very pleased. This treatment lasted for 3 sessions (part of a trial laser treatment) and was around 7 years ago. Hair problems now much worse so I started laser treatment again but this time my face still feels tender and only tiny bald patches here and there appeared. The rest of the hair seems as bad as ever and in fact worse as now when I shave no matter how many times I go over the skin (until it stings at times) I still can see and feel stubble. I put make-up on but again you see the dark stubble all the time so its worse now than before as at least previously shaving would get rid of it enough to cover with make-up and go out. Treatment was on Tuesday morning and its now Saturday and I had to cancel arrangements for yesterday and today as it always looks like I have not shaved. I am feeling very down and worried as I have an appointment I cannot cancel next Friday but I cant go out and wont even open the door to anyone. Anyone any advice or help as to why the hair looks more noticeable now than before? I tried to tweeze but these hairs are stuck and not coming out but why wont they shave.

PS, skin also very blotchy and spotty which is unusual and I dont remember this from last treatment. Laser was done at hospital and at test patch doses which gave no problems.
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Red face

You raise an interesting issue.
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thank you.
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Hello and I'm so sorry to hear you're going through this. From my experience with about 4 laser sessions (some of it on my face). My hair seems to be very noticeable (almost as if the stubble is fighting to pop out of the follicle) for the first week to two weeks after a treatment. Then it falls out bit by bit within the next week or so. And then grows back. My best advice would be to talk it over with your laser practitioner and to just be patient, unfortunately laser takes time. Also make sure that they're using the most efficient laser setting for your hair and skin type (do some research on this).

Best of luck!
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