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Default Help! Results after first treatment.

Hello all,

Well, at 21 I decided I was done with shaving and decided to get my entire upper body done. The provider is using a Laser and not an LPL. After my first treatment (two days ago), I got the swelling that is normal with Laser treatments. However, on my Chest/Shoulders/Abs area it looks as though I have broken out (i.e. acne). Its worse on my upper shoulders and chest area and is very sensitive. It also looks as though I experienced some in-grown hairs.

Is this normal? Will this go away after continuous treatment? What can I do in the mean time to alleviate such conditions.

Also, my provider is very experienced and is advised by the practicing physician at the facility I go to. That suggested that I take 4 to 6 weeks in between treatments but also stated that if I wanted to completed 6 treatments sooner, I could...say every 3 weeks? Is this advised and will this be successful?

Thank you for any and all responses!
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This is Alvester here and i am new member.

I think that it will be good to discuss with your practicing physician about your body impact and also the duration of break time after each session to have faster result.

You can go to the following website and see others experience as well


Alvester Mininger-learntomanscape.com
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