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Default Males only that have done Full Brazillian Laser. Any regrets?

I am so excited about getting a full Brazillian I got an appointment and bailed out that day. I'm a young 53 feel like 43 and have been shaving it all for years. Turns me on every time I see myself totally shaved. When my girlfriend first saw me she seemed a little disturbed. So I let it grow in to a close trim. About two months later after she decided it was hot, I shaved it all again. She is soooo turned on by it I get twice as much oral, and boy is she into it!!! Other girls I dated went with it and saw them several times. No problem there! I went for electrolysis on my balls and shaft. Damn it hurts. Don't let anyone tell you any different. Anyway, about 60% grew back. Thats because there were dormant hair follicles waiting to move in. Its common they say and can understand the many appointments needed. $$$! The girl that did the electrolysis on me recommended me to a upper scale place that does full Brazillian Laser. $700. for six sessions Cheaper, latest equipment (supposed to be pain free). Excellent reviews on Yelp!
Heres where it gets uncomfortable and wonder about regrets. Gym locker rooms, friends and family that see me, and the many say it looks like a little boy. (That is sick to think anyone would even think that way!)
With all this how do the guys that went for it feel today?

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Default Brazilian

Don't be nude in front of your friends and family

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No regrets here - I believe that as the price of laser treatment comes down, you will see it become more popular than ever. I had the full brazillian, peri-anal, and legs. No hair left except the pits and on my head!
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