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Hey girls! I'm new to, so I want to say hi to everyone first. I've been getting laser treatments at my aesthetician for about 2 years in the bikini and legs and I love it, but itís not 100% permanent. My aesthetician told me about this device Silkín that you can use at home for laser removal and I was thinking about getting it, as it can be used in between laser office treatments to keep you smooth. Has anyone used it as I donít want to plunk down $800 without knowing if itís worth it. My aesthietician has it and did a try on me Ė it feels like rubber bands snapping on your skin but not painful. If it does the trick it might be just worth it to get it, as I live in LA and wear skirts daily so the idea of jumping out of bed and not having to deal is much more appealing to me.

Hereís a link to the product on or where you can buy it at:
Silk'n IS NOT LASER but IPL if you pay attention it's a lamp not a shooter with a fascicle.
Still i think it's worth the money because if you go to a saloon,you will probably spend a fortune there.
I didin't test this epilator,but it seems that the FDA aproves it,and the effects are very quick,with laser you do your hair in mounts,with ipl you do it in weeks.
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