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At my first full Brazillian treatment I felt a little intimidated when I was there. When I was paying, the girl at the counter couldn't hear what I said when I was paying, so I had to speak up, but after that i remembered what I was there for. I wanted to be hairless. I was the only guy waiting to be treated in the 5 times I was there. I did feel the things women must have been thinking when I was there. It felt to me that they were thinking I was some kind of exhibitionist or weirdo or something. Now I want world to see that I am hairless! I especially wanted to know womens opinion. So I showed a couple girl FRIENDS. Two of them have never seen this on a guy before but were curious and had mixed feelings. Later they said they thought about it and found it to be somewhat of a turn on and kind of sexy. WOW! Thats what I wanted to hear. Kinda how women must feel when they get a boob job. I guess I am somewhat of an exhibitionist. My girlfriend loves it.
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