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I'd like to wrap-up my experience and compare my personal results with IPL and diode laser.
1. Underarms: several years of waxing with constant regrowth, then 5 treatments of diode laser, completed three years ago. Fantastic result - total 100% hair loss.
2. Boyzilian: tried waxing once with terrible results. Then a single treatment with diode laser, only the front, really painful and expensive. I was disappointed. First, the technician performed LHR only on both inguinal sides and a little of perineum. She refused to treat pubic area, penis and testicles. Buttocks were possible in extra charge. Possibly she was right, because I was feeling needles in my flesh, when she zapped below the scrotum. Then I switched to IPL, so far completed four treatments of whole boyzilian with buttocks and crack. I started more or less a year ago with sessions repeated every 3 months (I'm not in a hurry), with the last one in the end of March. The result is astonishingly good: reduction of 70% hair. I realize a least five further sessions are required, however IPL is much cheaper (it's crucial for me) and less painful. Even I didn't have to use the numbing cream, ice - packs were enough. Only the butt crack was very uncomfortable. I'm prepared that probably even after completion of the whole treatment I'll have to submit for anamnestic procedure at least once a year. Moreover, I'm a good candidate: relatively white skin with dark hair.
3. Last but not the least, the IPL spa is well organized. They don't perform any other treatments except of IPL. The technicians are well trained and admit both: men and women for any kind of hair removal. The treatment room is private, clean, almost clinical. First I use bidet in the restrooms, what improves my self-confidence. Then I undress in a cubicle except of tank top and socks. Even If I come barefoot in sandals, I put socks on to feel a bit asexual – just a patient to treat. Then I put a disposable thong and climb onto the table. In the meantime the cosmetologist fills the papers and makes a small talk asking about any reactions and results after the previous treatment. I am sitting on table, which resembles a massage table, but is quite sophisticated. It has pneumatic backrest, adjustable drop section, retractable stirrups and is hands-free foot controlled. There is a tray with some accessories: protective eyewear, razors, gloves, tissues, refrigerated clear ultrasound gel, wooden spatulas, skin cooling gel packs, white marker pencils, wipes, post-treatment skin calming lotion and a box with non-lubricated condoms and female pantyliners. The treatment starts: I put on glasses, seat back in relaxed position and scoot down to the edge of the table. The technician helps to guide each of my feet into a strirrup, one on each side of the table. Laying back like this, it is hard to see her face, or for her to see my face. I know this position is rather uncommon in spa salons and the first time I was feeling awkward. However it's really comfortable for the technician and relaxing for me. She may just operate sitting on the stool, not to bend over patients all day long. Then she cuts my disposable thong on both sides but leaves the small pouch on my penis and testicles. First she shaves the stubble and performs my pubic and inguinal areas after covering with a cooling gel. From this moment I experience growing erection, which is involuntary and is result of manual stimulation, zapping and electric tingles. I never masturbate specially before the treatment and let things happen naturally. When she starts the base of my penis, my hard-on is really visible. I can't see it, because of my reclined position and protective glasses, but feel it well. The technician is not surprised, continues working, but sometimes unrolls a condom to give me some extra protection. Mostly, the erection subsides, when it becomes really painful. When I am done on the front with perineum, the table becomes flat and lay on my stomach. She does my buttocks. I have to spread buttocks apart with my hands to enable her to finish the crack, which is really uncomfortable. The whole treatment last about 45 minutes. My skin is a little red and smells with burning hair.

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