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I'd like to share my experience with laser hair removal. So far I've received four IPL treatments of boyzilian (pubic and perianal area, penis, buttocks and anal crack), underarms and legs in a hair removal salon. Generally, IPL is less painful and much cheaper but also less effective than diode laser. I made an appointment by phone and was told that the salon has a lot of experience in female and male hair removal on all body areas. I was a bit nervous, but appeared on time and was given a booklet to read. The first step was just filling a consultation card and a patch test on my armpits left inguinal area and front side of the calf, with start of treatment after at least three days. The cosmetologist her name was Lena - was very nice and friendly female, dressed in a white scrub matched with sheer tights and open toe sandals. I was told that at least 6 to 10 treatments would be required. She mentioned, as brazilian was the most frequent procedure, the facility had purchased the new treatment table with retractable stirrups. Lena asked if I didn't mind position with my feet in stirrups which gives better access to the treated areas. Most of females had nothing against, some males still felt embarassed. Moreover, there were some cosmetology students completing their apprenticeship assisting the procedures. I would be give a 20% discount, if agreed. I said OK to both and signed the consent form. The day before I shaved the areas to be treated. My first appointment was early in the morning. Lena led me to the treatment room (it was very clean, brightly led with a sophisticated massage table and IPL machine) and asked to remove all my clothes (I was doing underarms simultaneously), put on a disposable g-string and lie down on the couch. The paper thong was just to walk to couch and was later cut off by the technician. I didn't use it all during the next sessions. There were two other students in the room. First I had to lay down on my stomach and the buttocks were spread by the trainees. All treated areas were covered with the cooling gel. I felt mild electrical tingles, in anal crack the snapping of a rubber band, which was really painful. There was the sensation of some heat and a slight smell of burning hair. After my buttocks were done I had to roll on my back to perform the front side. She pulled out the stirrups from below the table and positioned my feet in them so my knees were wide spread apart and I was exposed. Actually, it was quite comfortable position making the work easier. The cosmetologist zapped my pubic area excluding small patch, penis (which was painful), inguinal and perineal areas. Scrotal sac was not done due to darker skin. Though it wasn't a relaxing procedure, my overall impression is very positive. The cosmetologist was expertise and it was clear that my nakedness was nothing unusual for her. When she stated to treat the penis, I got an erection. I was feeling embarrassed, but Lena told that it was a normal reaction and happened really frequently. She asked if I wished to use condom to prevent any leakage. I eagerly agreed, as I realized that when the reaction subsides I'll start to release pre-cum. She quickly unpacked a foil and unrolled a condom on my penis but only slightly below the glans, just to be able to continue her work. When she finished with my member, my hard-on released, however I really noticed some transparent fluid within the condom. It was really a good idea, because I didn't stain the exam table. First two sessions were painful, especially penis and perianal area. The most important is good result after four sessions.
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