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Hi TMos,
Thanks for the reply.
I had an orgasm once during my IPL treatment. It was the second one and the tech wanted to have another girl in the room whom she said was training. I have since wondered if maybe she just wanted the other girl there or the other girl wanted to be there to see it.
Anyway, I had on eye shields and could not see anything. I was super erect and sensitive after they spread on the cooling gel. It has a kind of tingling cooling effect.
About 5 minutes into the treatment I felt an orgasm coming on suddenly and quickly. I grabbed the towel and placed it over the head. Then asked if I could use the washroom before we continued. I'm sure they knew what happened. I felt kind of embarassed and took several minutes to clean up. They finished the treatment. The next time I went there was only the original tech and I'm not sure if I even got an erection.
I had about 5 different techs while doing IPL and some removed the towel completely, others left it partly covering. I had more erections, but no more orgasms.
Since switching clinics I now do true laser and there is only one tech who will treat guys doing brozilians. She is cute, but very professional and well trained.
I wear eye shields again so I can't see anything, but it would be nice to be able to see.
She does all the moving things around and keeps the towel covering the head of my penis all the time. She just uncovers small areas she is treating at a time. The icepack is offered to me after we finish to cool things off.I have never asked her if guys or girls ever have orgasms during treatments and no tech has ever said it happens.
Anyway, I guess you are proof that I'm not the only person this has happened to.
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