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Hello, I am a 24 year old male who is in dire need of help. since I was in 9th grade ive been very hairy, it started with dark black chest hair however I always liked having the chest hair and the girls honestly loved it they thought I was the manliest man in high school. I got to college and became cursed. dark black hair started showing up on my back and my shoulders. now it doesnt stop. my beard now has no distiguishing line it completely connects with my chest hair, and i have no hair line on the back either. it goes straight down my neck and connects to my back and shoulder hair. it gets worst, i have become hairy all over and for some reason the place it matters most, (the head) is thinning and receding. i used to be handsome and had a beautiful girlfiend who i loved dearly. well she ended up cheating on me with another guy and told me she was too embarrased by me going bald and being so hairy on the body. and was no longer atrrated to me. after 3 years.of course the guy she cheated on me with was ripped, body hairless, and had a nice wavy head of hair, oh and it gets worst. I live at the beach. i cant take my shirt off any more because im so ashamed. why does god hate me so much? the hair is dark and coarse much like pubic hair. and i have white skin. someone give me some advice please. i dont want to live as a bald guy with a full sweater. thanks for taking the time to read this, I fell like the only thing that will get my confidence back is to get rid of this sweater. I can live with going bald, but not with more hair on my body than my head. is there hope for me to become a happy normal 24 yr old that is not affraid to take my shirt off? is laser hair removal the answer to my prayers?
Hi dude, ive just joined this forum and thought I would give my 2 cents, I was in the exact same position about 5 years ago, after alot of research I went for laser treatment, at the time IPL was twice the price and required twice as many treatments (someone correct me if this is no longer the case), laser is heat and light , hurts pretty bad but man is does the trick, after 6 treatments on arms , chest and back the growth was dramatically reduced , I would say by 70% , after all no one wants to be bald, women like a bit of hair, point is it became very manageable, I bought a razorba to shave what hair did grow back on my back every month, got in the gym to put on some muscle and started having the odd tanning bed (I live in the uk, the sun is rarely out)

the technology is probably alot better now but 5 years later im still happy with the results, I run some hair clippers over my chest every month with a grade 2 and the results are perfect, confidence shot through the roof and so did the amount of women I was seeing... so my advise is laser, but if IPL is now cheaper, more effective and painless go for that
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